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Avoiding The Google Slap

Google SlapIf you want to avoid the Google Slap you need to read this…
Google has consumers that require a product. The product is discovering information they need on the web. Google’s role would be to get the correct info for their client. In order to accomplish this task, they have got to find quality websites that will make their customers happy.
There are actually multiple factors Google uses to identify whether or not your blog/site will be decent enough for it’s consumers.
Google will never come out and tell us directly just what considerations they employ to determine a good or bad website but they have provided us with quite a few clues.

Clue 1 – Avoid the Google Slap with Good Quality Websites featuring Unique Content

Google has confirmed over and over that they will be especially in search of websites that offer unique content towards the web. Every website should use unique content, item testimonials, comparisons, thoughtful analysis, plus consistent updates to the website.

Clue 2 – Quality Websites That will Load Rapidly
Google is trying to provide a far better user experience for their consumers. Studies have indicated that their customers don’t like to wait, therefore faster load times are now an important factor.

Clue 3 – Top Quality Sites along with Low Bounce Rates
Again, Google is looking to take into consideration their customer’s experience. When their customers click on Website A and then immediately click the back button then this website will have a very high bounce rate. Google may use this info to figure out that Website A might not exactly be a good quality site.
Website B however, features a very low bounce rate. When the consumer finds this blog via Google and they like their stay, they search around, they click, they read, and they convert. This info gets delivered back to Google and helps them to discover which site is better… Website A or Website B

Clue 4 – Top Quality Blog with High Conversion Rates
Another way Google determines whether you have a top quality site can be by simply checking your conversion rates. If I send you 100 of my best customers and you only convert 1 of those but, that other site converts 5 then i am going to send them to the other website. So will Google.

Clue 5 – Just who is Linking to you and Why?
It use to be a popularity contest with Google. He who has the most links wins, not necessarily any longer. Google is tracking the links coming into your website. Google will then check, precisely why are those websites linking to your site? Is this a three way link attempting to fool Google? Is this a link exchange? Is this website linking to you because you offer unique content?

It’s a never ending process when you dance with Google, you will have to keep one step ahead or at the least play by Google’s rules. For those who do not, sooner or later you’ll be discovered and Big G is going to provide you with the Google Slap.

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