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Use Google To Find Free Backlinks

google search termsCreating backlinks for your website or Blog is a tedious chore, but unfortunately it has to be done.  I am going to show you how to easily find out the exact way your competition is doing their link building and how to find all the best backlink spots online.
Most of this can be accomplished just by knowing what to type into Google search. If you want high PR links, I’ll show you how to find them. If you want .EDU and .GOV links, I’ll show you how to find them.
If you want to find places in your niche where you can leave links, you’ll learn how here. If you want hundreds of Squidoo links within seconds, read carefully. The point here would be for you to see all the different options for getting link building ideas straight from Google and modifying them if you need to. You will discover the basic outline, which you can play with and see what else you can find.

OK, lets get started finding backlinks…

1. Blogs

If you want to find a WordPress-based blog in your niche where you can leave comments and get valuable backlinks in the process, here are some examples of what you can type into Google to find them:
“powered by wordpress” your keyword
As you can see, we are targeting sites that have a “powered by wordpress” line somewhere, which will mostly be in the footer of the site. Right next to it, just enter your keyword – if you enter dog training, you get sites that have those 2 words somewhere on the page. You can use quotes to get those exact phrases.
“powered by wordpress” “your keyword”
This is the same as the one before, with the small difference that here we are looking for exact matches in titles for our keywords. This can prove useful if you don’t get good enough results with the first method.
“powered by wordpress” intitle:your keyword
Similar to the 2 before, but here we are targeting pages that have our keyword in the url of the page.
“powered by wordpress” inurl:your keyword
If you get a lot of blogs that have their comments closed, you can use the following command to exclude those from your searches.
“powered by wordpress” “your keyword” -”comments are closed”

2. Forums

inurl:viewtopic your keyword
“Powered by Phbb” your keyword
“Powered by vBulletin” your keyword
“Powered by SMF” your keyword
“Powered by Phbb” your keyword
“Powered by IPB” your keyword
“powered by PunBB” your keyword
These are just some of the examples that you can use. The first line here uses the inurl: command to find PhBB forums, because they have viewtopic as part of their urls. Play around with these and if you need to, go and search for more forum platforms and see what “footprints” and signatures they use with which you can find them.

3. Directories and Submission sites

intitle:add+url “your keyword”
intitle:submit+site “your keyword”
intitle:submit+url “your keyword”
intitle:add+your+site “your keyword”
intitle:add+site “your keyword”
intitle:directory “your keyword”
intitle:sites “your keyword”
intitle:list “your keyword”
I believe that all of these are self-explanatory. We are basically using the intitle: command to find sites that have those words in the title tag of the page. As with the others, you can get creative and use the inurl: command as well.

4. Links from SQUIDOO

site:squidoo.com “new links plexo” “add to this list”
site:squidoo.com “your keyword” “add to this list”
Very few people know that there are tons of Squidoo lenses, some with extremely high PR and lots of incoming links, that allow you to add your own links with anchor text and description. Most of them are dofollow and most of them don’t require lensmaster moderation, which means that you can get a link from someone else’s Squidoo lens in 10 seconds.

NOTE: Spamming will not get you far. You need to be logged in to your Squidoo account to leave a link, so if you spam, you can have your account deleted.
Try to find lenses that are related to your site and hopefully add value to the lens.

5. Links from .EDU and .GOV sites

site:.edu inurl:wp-login.php +blog
site:.gov inurl:wp-login.php +blog site:.edu “your keyword”
site:.gov “your keyword” -”you must be logged in” -”comments are closed”
site:.edu “no comments” +blogroll -”posting closed” -”you must be logged in” -”comments are closed”
site:.gov “no comments” +blogroll -”posting closed” -”you must be logged in” -”comments are closed”
I’m sure you see by now how many variations you can try out for each of these searches. You can exclude sites that have closed their comment, the ones that ask you to log in before you comment and so on.

You can find more of your own links

You can find your own little tricks easily. Whenever you’re on a site that offers some great possibilities for link building, and you would like to find more sites like that, just try to find some line of text or URL that may be special, or unique for that type of site.
“Powered by WordPress” is a good example. That is something that can be found only on WordPress blogs, almost always in the footer of the site. Anything like that will do great. Play with these search commands and techniques and you’re bound to dig up some golden nugget.

4 Responses to Use Google To Find Free Backlinks
  1. Ottawa Real Estate
    November 26, 2011 | 9:24 am

    Great information.i hope you will write another good post..it is really helpful thanks

  2. Alan Massey
    February 5, 2012 | 8:23 pm

    Fantastic article, are there any other keywords that gooogle uses like inurl: intitle: site: etc

  3. bilal
    February 28, 2012 | 1:15 pm

    very nice post. its very helpful material, thanks

  4. benn
    December 25, 2012 | 4:56 pm

    thanks theo  for this lovely topic please if i have i new blog site how mutch backlinks i must make every day for not be banned by google panda?! if i  make backlinks  with programe that is normal ? or  not thanks again.  

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