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Selling Your Own Products and Services

Initially, the thought of selling your own products and services using the internet would seem to be the most rewarding part seeing that you get to keep all the cash. This isn't actually always the case, primarily in the short term. With affiliate programs, established content is usually already included for you, so no ramp up time is lost, and your investment is reduced. With monetizing traffic, the ads on your pages are common, and they are already tested and proven to work.

Selling your own products and services definitely will prove to be the more taxing since you have so much work to put together before you can commence selling. However, there is no alternative to creating your own product if you want creative control and long-term growth potential. Here are a few methods to think about when providing your own products and services for sale online:

Information products are still King: Info roducts and services which can possibly be as simple as a how-to cookbook is still the easiest and least pricey product to produce and deliver. Almost anyone with a computer and a word processing program can write a how to cook book and then convert it to a PDF (portable document format) file. You can use a free, online PDF-Converter like Cute PDF which will do the job quite nicely.

Audio is Queen: Incase typing is not your specialty or style, buy recording equipment and talk into a microphone to create 15-40min MP3 audio files to sell. For as little as $75, you can get a digital recording device with a lapel microphone for hands-free recording. Or, make a complete CD set showcasing your knowledge. After you get rolling with audio, you will quickly recognize the limitless potential available by producing recorded products and promotional content.
An alternative great use of audio would be to interview a guru the next time you sign up for a conference. Host a brief 10 min. Q and A, add the sound file to your blog, and forward a notice to your opt in list that you added the recording for their screening.

Video is Mega Hot: Every domain can enhance the customers experience by providing video, especially when there is a service or product for sale.
Software can be demonstrated, footwear can be modeled, e-books can be featured, and services can be offered. Video sells online, and video products sell too. Professional video can now be prepared in your own home for a one-time purchase of just a few hundred dollars in software and equipment.

Webinars are really the perfect Education Tool:  A Webinar is an online session in which you walk through a presentation or training session on your computer while an audience follows your presentation on the internet and listens to your voice on their computer. The best part about Webinars is that they can be recorded and marketed as a product for sale.
You can potentially also produce a whole product line for all your products and services, you can maximize an entire product line by supplying the practically identical information in e-book form, MP3 audio recording, video, webinar or in person seminar training.

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