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SEO Link Building Secrets

SEO Link Building implies that you should focus on link building ahead of anything else. On-page elements are valuable towards maintaining a successful platform on your blog – it needs to have keywords integrated into content as well as headlines – and yet META tags and many other micro-management objectives are much less relevant compared to just acquiring links.

Why Theming Is Critical For SEO Link Building

Before building a blog, it is crucial that you develop a solid theme around which your website can be created. This is the main subject on which your blog is built, typically a single keyword. Every page will probably be in some way associated to that theme and in your navigation structure, there should be multiple sub-themes.
As an example, a site built around dog training may be themed this way:
Dog Training
Dog Training Equipment
Dog Training Tips
Dog Training for Specific Breeds
The result is actually a site which makes use of the identical core keywords whilst providing several strong secondary and lsi keywords. Any time you stay theme relevant both off and on your site, it’s easier to go upwards in the search rankings for multiple words:

  • On Site Theme Importance.
    Use Categories and tags to generate secondary and long tail keywords whilst making sure that all content is associated with your core theme.
  • Off Site Theme Relevance.
    Get backlinks from sites which are theme relevant to yours. For instance, a link from another dog training website is more valuable than a higher Page Rank link or just about any other link you are able to get.
  • Top Down SEO Link Building.
    All SEO links are valuable. Non-thematic links are foundational links that provide value in their own way. However, getting 10 thematic links will be more valuable than 100 or even 1,000 forum profile links that have no thematic relation to your site. The key to SEO Link Building is to utilize anchor text in those links and build a lot of them. The idea is to work top down – focus energy on getting most valuable links first (thematic links) and then work backwards to diversify the links you receive.
  • Is Page Rank Important? – Theme relevant backlinks are more valuable than high Page Rank links, though a lot of people will argue against this. Page Rank only gets websites along with pages on that site indexed faster. Take into account that the top ranked websites don’t always have high PR.
  • No Such Thing As A Bad SEO Link – You’ll find no bad backlinks and even completely irrelevant links with low Page Rank are effective, but much less so than a thematic link from a top 30 website. You’ll need to target your energy on websites which provide the most value first and foremost.

Link BuildingThe Value Of SEO Link Building Diversity.
It is essential to diversify the links you receive utilizing sources including directories, blog placements, guest posting, paid text links, as well as article submissions.
Each and every link you receive is really a vote for your blog. If Google notices that every single vote is actually from the same website or type of website, not only will it look unnatural, it does not provide as much value as if you had links from hundreds of diverse sources.

  • Algorithm SEO Link Building Risks – More significantly, if Google or other search engines modify their algorithms (which happens frequently), your website should have a diverse enough collection of links to survive ranking process.
  • Losing Rankings – Some people will observe a sharp drop in their rankings after an algorithm update by Google. However, if you spread your links out equally among many sources, it will almost never have an impact on where your sites sit in the rankings.
  • Direct Traffic – Many link sources produce more direct traffic than others. Through SEO Link Building diversification, you increase your traffic in many ways. Directories for example offer less traffic than a guest blog post or article submission.

seo link buildingKeyword Selection

The best SEO Link Building techniques focus on choosing a limited number of terms. Select a single, primary keyword – often a highly competitive term which will take a long time to rank for. Secondly build your site thematically around that term. Now organize your content, create a navigation structure and build backlinks that associate to that single term.

  1. Secondary Keywords – During this process, 3 to Five secondary related terms will need to be integrated into content pages as subthemes. For instance, the primary term might be “dog training” but a secondary term may be “dog training advice” or “dog training techniques”.
  2. Content Creation – After choosing terms, content is put into your website. Generally this is between twenty to 40 pages of information focusing on the relevant keywords. Content should all be original to maximize value.
  3. Top Down SEO Link Building – Link building is initiated based upon those targeted phrases. Top down linking ensures your most valuable backlinks are provided first, followed by those that will build a solid foundation for the web site.
  4. Aging the Site – After Two to Four weeks, you’ll want to check back to see what terms you are ranking for. Often times, there will likely be many unexpected keywords which are either related or simply show up far more often on your site’s content. Then, you are able to concentrate on these particular keywords in future SEO Link Building and improve your ranking for those keywords.
  5. Placing Backlinks – Typically, you should aim for about 80% of your backlinks to your main page with the remaining 20% dispersed between secondary pages on your blog. This makes sure each page receives some links (as is natural), but the overall focus is on the main theme of your site. link juice passes through from one page to the next and your entire site will rank well. With that in mind, if one particular content page on your website begins climbing in the rankings, concentrate more of your links on that page.

If you are getting results without trying, a little added effort will result in almost immediate results – In SEO Link Building terms this is considered low hanging fruit and easy traffic to snag.
Some internet marketers choose 100+ longtail keywords and attempt to rank for each of them. This works fantastic for PPC where it will take no time for you to test a term, however with organic SEO Link Building, it will drive you nuts trying to increase your position for so many search terms.

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    This is a really great breakdown!

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    Keyword Research for SEO…

    This is beyond question the foremost vital a part of SEO. If you do not grasp what keywords to focus on, then you cannot optimize in the slightest degree. There square measure 2 advantages of keyword research: 1) uncovering all of the keywords you must…

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