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Why You Don’t Make A Dime Online

generate income online

Here's Why You Don't Make A Dime Online

Every day hundreds of newbies enter the exciting world of Internet Marketing, most of them are attracted by promises of instant wealth, while others are sick of the daily grind and are looking for alternative ways to generate an income.

It is a fact that there are thousands of people who earn quite a comfortable living online, but it is also a fact that they work hard, are focused and take action.Creating an online business is exactly like creating a business in the real world, you have to put in the hours, work towards a goal and be persistant.

Now the reason why most people fail can be attributed to two main factors:

1. Lack of focus

online incomeWorking from home or working from a home office is not really conducive to being productive, you are working long hours by your self with no interaction with other people. This means that there is no one around to motivate you or to bounce ideas off of, you have to motivate yourself. You have to resist the urge to leave your workstation every 5 min either to wander around your office, check on the plants, play with your pooch or do something else that you think requires attention.

TIP: It's a good idea to treat your home office just like any other workspace, when you get up in the morning dress yourself for work just like you would for any other job, resist the urge to stay in your PJs all day long.

Now we can even break down the lack of focus into two more sub-headings:

Don't expect an easy ride

Unfortunately the Internet is overrun by scam artists, con men and grifters. I am sure that you have seen headlines like this all over the Internet.

  • I made $5000 last month working from home.
  • Easy method shows you how to make $500 per week with little or no effort.
  • Work at home mom becomes online millionaire.

Reading headlines such as these is what fools most people into thinking that Internet Marketing or creating an online business is like a shallow riverbed full of gold nuggets, but unfortunately that is not how it works. If you're interested in making a living online you have to go into it with your eyes wide open, expect to work 12 hour days with little or no reward for a few weeks or a few months, depending on your skill set and determination.

Shiny object syndrome

fail onlineNow most of you would've heard this phrase many times, but for those of you who don't know it is all about getting distracted by the latest marketing tool or method. There are many excellent tutorials, paid and free available online that will give you the tools and know-how required to start making money online.
All you have to do is choose one method and stick with it, complete all the steps outlined in the tutorial/method and give it time to work. If you find after a period of time that this particular method is not working for you then by all means try out something else, but don't make the mistake that many newbies make and that is to jump from method to method without completing any of them.


2. Lack of Perseverance

It is human nature to look for the "quick fix", some people are in a desperate situation while others are just plain lazy looking for the easiest method requiring the least amount of work. Like I said before this is unfortunately not how it works online.

Quick money

If you are looking for a quick way to make money online you seriously need to adjust your mindset, the reason I say this is because it does not exist, you may as well go and spend your days at the racetrack or casino as you might have better luck there.

If on the other hand you are looking for a way to build a legitimate online business that will generate a steady stream of cash flowing into your bank account then you have the right mindset.

Don't quit instead overcome

As the saying goes "nothing in life is easy" if Bill Gates or Steve Jobs had given up at the first hurdle we would not have Microsoft or Apple today, life is a challenge and it is how you overcome these challenges that will determine whether you are successful or not.

Unfortunately this is where most people fail, they try something for a while and if it doesn't work they give up and try something else or quick entirely.Just remember that everybody makes mistakes, the thing is that you have to learn from your mistakes and correct them moving forward, if you don't you are going around in circles.

If you're still reading it means that you are on the right track, this article was not meant to discourage you instead it is meant to inspire.Making a living online whether you are doing it through affiliate marketing, selling on eBay or by offering your own services or products for sale is definitely possible.

I will be going over some proven methods to generate income online at a later stage and I will update this article when I do.


One Response to Why You Don’t Make A Dime Online
  1. Jurgen Dombro
    February 18, 2012 | 10:34 am

    The idea of making a living from home and working for yourself is in my humble opinion a noble and gutsy endevor! Not to mention a lot easier said than done. Just like any brick and mortor style business, your place of business (Online or not) has to or should if you want it to be real, offer value to potential clients. This is as hard or as easy as you want it to be. This is an example of one of mine, see link if interested, Meaning your product or service has to have some value to people.
    So some thought and energy is required to fuel your new enterprise. Many people including myself offer products and services that are owned my other people. In other words my business acts like a conduit or doorway to offer CPA offers and affiliate products and services so my home is not a warehouse of things to pack, ship and sale. For me personally I like it that way.
    I remember reading a story not all that long ago that a couple from Australia sold physical products specifically books on how to make money online. Basically selling what they were doing. As I read their story at the time they seemed to be doing quite well, meaning bringing in $150K to $200K a year, this was around the 2007-08 time frame. I guess as the saying goes, what you get back in return depends on how much your willing to give. 

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