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Market Samurai – Has The Sun Set On This Keyword Tool?

market samurai

Lately Market Samurai (Developed by Noble Samurai) users, and i am one, have been rather dismayed due to it's lack of performance. Market Samurai, once the best Keyword tool available, has become rather buggy over the last year or so. Howwever myself and many thousands of users have remained loyal mainly because it's still a good keyword tool.

But… Since the developers have now publicly stated that Market Samurai has been severely affected by the recent changes in Google's algorithm, and that they may have to change some of their Data sources to Bing instead i'm not so sure about this keyword tools future.
Interestingly enough i received the following e-mail from the CEO of SEO PowerSuite, one of Market Samurais biggest rivals:

"Hi Theo,

We're getting 100s of worried requests from users so we decided to explain this web rumor.

Rumors of a drastic Google algo change started spreading after another SEO software house officially announced their software stopped working with Google. What Market Samurai told its users is, "Several days ago, Google made some significant technical changes to its services" which made it impossible to work with.

Now hundreds of ex-customers of Market Samurai and our own users write to our support: Is SEO PowerSuite working? Is it safe to buy SEO PowerSuite license now when other tools are failing to work?

The answer is YES, your software is working and will work with all search engines (Google as well, until the end of Google.) We are able to guarantee that SEO PowerSuite is the safest SEO software to invest in.

So – right, SEO PowerSuite keeps working. The thing is, what is proclaimed a Google's technical change doesn't look so and has never been confirmed by anyone outside Market Samurai team. Our team of search engines experts confirms no changes to Google algos – and the speaking evidence for that is the seamlessly working SEO PowerSuite.

No other reasons for Market Samurai's software failure have ever been officially named. However, more realistic reasons were suggested by their former users, assumed by many SEOs on all kind of Internet forums – and never commented on by the Samurai representatives. So the actual reasons for the fail are assumable and lie in a strategic error at the early stage of designing the software architecture. Our experts say, the estimate of fixing such error to restore an SEO tool to a fully working condition is about half a year.

Seeing that now Samurai is planning to switch to Bing instead of Google, we assume the estimate is right.

So let us once again disprove the rumor: Google made no changes and nothing happened to it at all. More to that, whenever changes to Google happen in the future, SEO PoweSuite will keep working seamlessly.

Best regards,
Link-Assistant.Com Team

P.S. Here is the official statement from Viktar Khamianok, the CEO of Link-Assistant.Com:

Every technology is analyzed, criticized and tested before development. We look at hundreds of use cases before making core decisions on software functionality. We understand that we must not, at any moment, put the user at risk. None of our clients can afford being left without working software or without any working feature of the software."

seo powersuite

So what can we take from this? I'm not sure, yet…
I will have to wait and see where Market Samurai is a month from now as my main Keyword Tool.

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