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Market Samurai – Has The Sun Set On This Keyword Tool?

market samurai

Lately Market Samurai (Developed by Noble Samurai) users, and i am one, have been rather dismayed due to it's lack of performance. Market Samurai, once the best Keyword tool available, has become rather buggy over the last year or so. Howwever myself and many thousands of users have remained loyal mainly because it's still a…

Traffic Travis 4.0 Review

Traffic Travis 4 is visually very different and everyone can obviously see it went through a complete upgrade. I have been using it for a few days and here is what i think of the keyword tool so far. Dashboard Tab I thought i would run a test project in order to see what Traffic…

Headway Theme 2.0 – Sneak Peak

headway theme 2.0

If you are using WordPress to build your websites you have a wide choice of themes to use. There are also various plugins that help with SEO and post optimization, but if you need a theme that combines all of these and is super easy to use the Headway Theme is the only wordpress theme…

What Makes Market Samurai The Best Keyword Generator?

Market Samurai

Market Samurai is among the most important and widely used Internet Marketing and Keyword Generator tools these days . Designed with a platform that accommodates Adobe AIR (Making it accessible on all PC platforms) this amazing tool is reliable plus it gets updated continuously, by means of the automated update function. Keyword research is maybe…